Media Buddy

Media Buddy 3.3.1

All-round converter for almost any media type

Media Buddy is a slick, multi-format media converter that will let you use all your media on almost any device you like. View full description


  • Lots of formats supported
  • Create your own conversion profile
  • Batch operations


  • No auto-shutdown


Media Buddy is a slick, multi-format media converter that will let you use all your media on almost any device you like.

As media converters go, Media Buddy wins on conversion ease and formats, but doesn't have the extra features that might make it worth paying for. The conversion formats are all really easy to access and are divided into categories like popular audio and gaming consoles so you can find what you need more easily. Add the files to be converted, pick the output format and tweak the quality on the slider. It couldn't be easier.

Media Buddy deals easily with batch conversions, which is great, but a batch conversion feature without an auto-shutdown option is missing some of the point. Add that to the fact that the only thing you can tweak in Media Buddy is the individual conversion profiles, and it feels a little inflexible, from a non-conversion point of view.

Despite these problems, Media Buddy's a nice program to use and will ensure that you get the most out of your media files. It's not sensational but at the same time is a much better bet than the very many very mediocre converters out there.

Good, but not great, Media Buddy is a very acceptable multi-format media converter.

Media Buddy is a versatile tool that can convert almost any given multimedia files, be it video or audio, to a huge variety of media formats that are suitable for playback on DVD and portable players, mobile phones, gaming consoles and whatnot.

User reviews about Media Buddy

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    "Great app; full version is 100% worth buying"

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  • BettyRight

    by BettyRight

    "Converts files to any format + Great Tech Support"

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  • ElijahK

    by ElijahK

    "Excellent converter, it works fast! Support does replies but not so prompt"

    Works fast, creates profiles for output device formats. Tech support replied to my query about new license code the n...   More.

  • PeterCutler

    by PeterCutler

    "Total lack of tech support. Stay away."

    The program is great and works as advertised. **HOWEVER** It doesn't appear that anyone looks at their tech support e...   More.